How Healing Happens

510944518Go beyond surviving – and start thriving.

Starting your healing journey and getting exploratory surgery is a lot the same. In both cases, you have something that feels wrong, but you learned to live with it.

You have made room in your life for the discomfort, and a part of you wonders if it’s easier to leave things where they are. Starting therapy and starting to heal means that, just like surgery, things will be a little harder before they feel a little easier.

Sounds scary, right? You have been making it work, have been ‘ok,’ and have been surviving. But you don’t have to survive. You can heal, be more than just ok, and thrive.

2147875909Courage and resilience start the healing process.

The same courage and resilience you used to survive can help healing happen. Focus those two attributes on unpacking, unraveling, and addressing a lot of the ugliness in your life.

There will be points where you want to shove everything back in the boxes where you got it and pretend it isn’t there. Healing happens when you say that impulse out loud, so we address those fears and that response together. Healing happens when you permit yourself to heal.

Working together to figure out where you are and where you want to be is just the start. You get to write the story of your life from here on out. You do get to heal and deserve the work and time it takes to feel healed.

The bottom line is that Healing Happens. It does, and it can.