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It’s still hours before the sun rises – you awake with that routine dread sitting on your chest.

Your mind is already spinning with the what-ifs of the day. “What if I fail?” “ What if everyone finds out?” “What if I can’t do this today?” “ What if today is the day I finally lose it?” “What if…what if… what if…?”

You shove it down and try to get going for the day, wondering if it has to be this hard.


The memories that haunt you, the pain, the worry, the sadness… it’s like they control every aspect of your life.

A stranger laughs, and your body tenses. Someone bumps into you, and panic rises. An old song turns on, and suddenly you are right back to where you were. You miss entire conversations, you start a fight with your partner, and you stop answering your friends’ calls.


It takes courage and resilience to make it as far as you have.

But you are wearing down. It is hard to get up each morning, wrestle control back from the memories that want to drown you, and just get the basics done.

It’s time to find relief and peace from all of that.

It’s time for your story to change.

You can change your story. I can help.

Hi, I am Mardee.

As a therapist who specializes in trauma recovery, anxiety, and depression, I see firsthand the relief that comes from taking a step toward change.

We can work together to recognize how you have made it through all of this. Using your natural strength and learning new ways to manage the pain, we will walk through the memories together. Although the past can’t go away, it doesn’t have to become your future. Call or email today for a free consultation and take that first step.

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Walk through your story and create space apart from the pain.

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