Childhood Trauma

1463441888Life has become a struggle.

Every night is restless and plagued by disturbing nightmares.

Why do I feel so anxious over something so small? you ask yourself. Why do I keep falling into the same harmful situations over and over?

It all happened to you such a long time ago, so why are you still so angry and sad? It just doesn’t make sense.

Trauma experiences often don’t make sense.

Looking back, you can see how those painful and uncomfortable memories have stuck with you and shaped a lot of who you are today.

There are gaps in your good memories from childhood. Meanwhile, the bad and hard parts take up so much space. When you close your eyes, the flashbacks start: you’re standing there, right back where it all happened, heart pounding and palms sweating.

The trauma of your past impacts your whole life. Relationships with partners, family, and yourself are all in shambles. You find yourself obsessing over small things or avoiding them altogether since it’s easier than confronting them.

It’s time to regain control.

Making an effort to unpack and sort through your experiences is an opportunity to feel like you are in the driver’s seat at last after spending years as a passenger.

It’s possible to begin to understand your reactions and work toward intentionally responding to triggers instead of just instinctively reacting.

Give yourself the chance to heal the hurt from your childhood and create a story in which you can cultivate the life you want.