647835514At first, it was just an idea.

The fights were nothing new. You and your spouse have been arguing for years with increasing frequency and hostility.

But then, in the middle of one of your fights, one of you mentioned the word “divorce,” and everything changed.

Once it was out in the open, there was no way to put it back.

Still, you never expected this.

Sure, you’ve heard the statistics about how many marriages end in divorce, but you never thought yours would.

Yet here you are. Watching as this relationship you worked so hard at crumbles before your eyes.

And the intensity of the shock and grief has completely caught you off guard.

The sheer complexity of dealing with this transition is overwhelming.

It’s not just the legal process or figuring out financial logistics.

Navigating family events, friendships, and children is even more confusing.

You feel as though your entire life has been thrown into chaos, and there’s no way to restore order.

But the good news is this part won’t last forever.

1789600949We can help you through this.

You deserve a place where you can talk through the emotions you’re feeling and decisions you’re making.

It’s possible to find a way to minimize the impact on your children and family while upholding your own needs and boundaries.

Let’s explore how to build your coping skills and manage the stress so you can make it through this ordeal stronger and happier.